Jets QB Mark Sanchez is Featured In June’s GQ Magazine

May 19, 2009

WALKING sex has a new name, ladies.

And that name (although, really, who even needs that?) is Mark Sanchez, the succulent new All-American quarterback for the Jets who was boldly snatched in a surprise draft move last month.
Only 22 years old, the Latino hottie is bona fide cougar bait as he prances around in a "Baywatch"-style spread in the new June issue of GQ. The racy pictorial features the young star romping around topless, in swim trunks and ever so gently (yet firmly!) grasping one lucky lady.

Don't care about football? Something tells us now you will.

Those eyes. Those abs. Those arms just begging to ... toss a football. It's official, Tom Brady: You've just been out-Tom Brady-ed.
"GQ is all about the young, the good-looking, the quarterback who has the whole world in front of him," observes Brandon Steiner, CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing, who had nothing but praise for the bold magazine move. "Tom Brady's getting a little older. He's becoming the veteran. He's going to be doing some more insurance-type commercials pretty soon."
Or, chin up, Tom -- there's always Quaker Oats.
Says marketing powerhouse Kelly Cutrone, CEO of p.r. firm People's Revolution, this delicious young piece of eye candy is looking out for his own brand, and who would blame him?
"Times are tough, and even the hot boys have to sell out," she says. "He's not in GQ to sell tickets to a football game. I don't think a guy is going to see that and say, 'Wow, I want to buy season tickets.' "

No. But their wives and girlfriends will see it, and think of plenty of things. None of which involve football.

"Obviously, he's looking to do some deals, and he's probably going to get them," Cutrone says. "But it's hard to make it as an athlete who is a household name. We're lucky if we know two or three."

And as luscious as his spread may be, all the tastemakers aren't convinced
Notes Jeffrey Jah, one of the owners of nightclub 1Oak, "My personal take on athletes is that I admire them as sportsmen, but it's the select few that actually have the je ne sais quoi for the scene. I think if we see him in W or in Interview or in Vanity Fair, then we can talk."
A lot of it depends on his next move, experts say.

Cutrone's advice?

"Do 'Oprah,' " she says. "Then 'Ellen.' And they can fight over you and then ultimately he can join Scientology or kabbalah and start back over again."
But until then -- we'll be studying our X's and O's.

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