What Is Winning For You?

In life, we all want to win. But we rarely stop and ask ourselves what winning means.

What does winning mean in our personal, business, and family lives?

For me personally, winning right now would mean losing 10 pounds. The rest of my health has checked out, but ten pounds would be huge for me. I’d feel much better and my clothes would fit much better.

I’ve had to lose these 10 pounds for two years, but I’ve been stuck in the red zone. I think of myself as someone who gets things done – I’ve done more end zone dancing than Icky Woods – but I can’t seem to shake these 10 pounds.

I know that recognizing the issue, and coming to an agreement with myself about what needs to be done, is the first step.

In my business, winning would be widening our client base, and doing more corporate business.

As far as my family goes, winning will mean spending quality time with my wife – now that we’re empty-nesters.

We’ve been so focused on our kids for the past two decades. Now we can take advantage of our current situation and be a little more spontaneous.

What is winning for you - health-wise, business-wise, and personal-wise - in 2013?

What do you think winning is for your boss? Your spouse?

Do you have balanced plans of action to go after all these wins?

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