Generation Boomer vs. Gen Text

by Brandon Steiner April 26, 2013 0 Comments

A week ago, I wrote a blog post where I said that the "millennials," or the members of the "Head Down Generation," spend so much time in their digital worlds that they don't live enough in the real world.

Needless to say, that post came under fire in the Steiner Sports offices, where we employ quite a few of these people.

So it's only fair that I let one of them respond.

The following is by Jessica Podell, 25 years young:

For the generation that allegedly has no voice, I'm speaking up.

Maybe you are right, Brandon, and we, the millennials, rely a little too heavily on our emails and text messages.

And while I don't disagree that building relationships is an important facet of business (and life), we must also acknowledge that as technology evolves, so must our methods of communication. We must leverage the technology we have at our disposal in order to utilize our time more effectively.

How else to do this without diving into it? How can you master something without knowing it inside and out?

To take it one step further - leaving messages on voicemail drives me insane. Send me a text to call you back. Listening to a 3-minute message where I'm asked questions that I can't respond to and necessitate calling you back anyway is annoying.

It's incredible to think how much time I waste playing phone tag with my parents and other members of Generation Boomer to ask a simple question that an email or text would easily clear up.

We may be guilty of keeping our heads down, but I would argue that generations before us have been guilty of being too slow to adapt and embrace new technology that has transformed life and business for the better.

You see what happens when we get a new email system or copier in the office. "Certain people" are loathe to learn about the new machines. They ask us to help them out!

Well, how do you think we know how to use them?

I suppose you might be thinking, "Yes, I agree it's important to adapt to technology, but not at the expense of never speaking to people face-to-face and never knowing what someone's voice sounds like!"


But that's not how it is, really. It just seems like we never look up because it's all relative.

Think about it: I'd bet the parents of your generation thought you guys were on the telephone way too much and that you sat inside watching Ed Sullivan and Howdy Doody too much, when you should have been reading a book or playing outside.


Because they grew up listening to radio and writing letters.


(And let's not mention that devil's music you deafened them with. I think you called it rock and roll?)


My point is that every generation is bound to look at the next one as demonstrating some diminished form of the culture and its customs.


And maybe in some ways it is diminished. But in other, often more important ways, it's evolving.
You asked who's gonna win out - the millenials or the Baby Boomers?


I think we'll win in the penalty kicks.


And then our kids will beat us.
That's life, baby.


You can follow me on twitter: @Jess_Podell.  And don't forget to follow Brandon: @BrandonSteiner!

Brandon Steiner
Brandon Steiner


Brandon Steiner is the founder and chairman of Steiner Sports Marketing and Memorabilia, the largest company of its kind in America. Considered a sports marketing guru, Brandon is a permanent fixture in the media as a regular on ESPN NY Radio 98.7 FM and as host of "The Hook-Up with Brandon Steiner" on YES Network. He has appeared frequently on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and in newspapers including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The author of The Business Playbook: Leadership Lessons from the World of Sports and You Gotta Have Balls: How a Kid from Brooklyn Started From Scratch, Bought Yankee Stadium, and Created a Sports Empire, Brandon lives in Scarsdale, New York, with his wife, Mara and children Crosby and Nicole.

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