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John Gray Podcast

This is "What Else?" at its best! I suggest downloading both Part 1 & 2 - especially if you're married.  But really, John Gray's advice on relationships is pure gold - it doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, where you are, or anything else - it will be incredibly valuable to you!

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In Part 2 of my podcast with John Gray, author of the famous relationship advice book Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus and, most recently, Work with Me, John tells you how to keep your libido lively as you get older, the therapeutic benefits of a healthy sex life, and much more.

Here are some highlights:

On men losing their libido:

One of the biggest problems for men is the hormones that are put in lots of food. Farmers put estrogen in the food they feed animals to make the animals fatter. The estrogen goes into a man’s body and suppresses testosterone. And you start seeing this belly fat. It’s not from lack of exercise. Estrogen suppresses testosterone, which causes any fat you eat to go right to your belly. Once you have belly fat, that makes an enzyme, aromatase. This enzyme converts healthy testosterone to estrogen. So if you have less libido as you get older, it’s generally because belly fat is converting your testosterone into estrogen, which makes you more relaxed. You can get your libido back by taking certain herbs for a while: tongkat ali, a testosterone booster, and myomin, which prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. (Both available on his website.) But eating correctly is more important than anything. Cut back on junk food and processed carbohydrates.

On Viagra:

Viagra is changing the plumbing. It doesn’t do anything to balance your hormones. Your hormones are about health and your happiness, your drive in life and your fulfillment. Viagra is not healthy. There are long term side effects and eventually it’s not going to work for you.

On women going through menopause:

Women have higher stress levels today than men. Men have to realize that. When your wife’s stressed out, “Relax” is the worst thing you can say. The best thing to say is “Tell me more, tell me more.” When she’s done talking, tell her, “Honey, you give so much to so many people. Lemme give you a hug.” Listening and questions is the answer. That helps lower women’s stress.

On women losing their libido:

When women get older, they get a progesterone-estrogen imbalance and they think they should take hormones. But as soon as you take hormones, your body stops making hormones and your glands start to atrophy. There is a natural solution. There are herbs that will bring you back into balance with your hormones. (RX for women on his website.)

On having sex for your whole life, well into old age:

Men who have sex two to three times a week live ten years longer than men who don’t. If you go to indigenous cultures, men who are 95 years old are having sex several times a week. Women are having sex several times a week. This is a natural part of our human function. As long as you’re ready to have sex, that means that your body is healthy and vibrant.

Of course there's a lot more great info. in the podcast, but you'll have to listen!

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