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FIRST OF ALL: Congrats to Eddie Weiss for winning the Peace of Mind Contest from last week! So many entries were deserving, but I had to pick one. It was Eddie's:

my peace of mind is when I'm I'm alone with my 9-year-old grandson playing "football" in our swimming pool. watching his excitement when he makes a diving catch to "win the superbowl" or tackling/dunking me at the goalline on 4th down brings such simple joy to me.

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"It was nuts, it really was," Manager Joe Torre said. "Obviously, the outcome was very unexpected and great."

- Joe Torre describing an epic Yankees comeback win in 2005 against the Rays

Anyone who followed Joe Torre as a manager knows that he was usually pretty tight-lipped and even keel about things during the season. So if he said "It was nuts, it really was" - you know that was an epic game.

The Yankees had been down 10-2 in the fourth inning, and on the strength of a 13-run 8th inning(!), they came back to win the game 20-11 against Tampa Bay.

I was at that game. It was a hot June night at the Stadium and a lot of people left earlier. Who could blame them?

But those of us who stayed were treated to one of the best sports surprises - and memories - we'd ever see.

I gotta think San Francisco Giants fans felt that way off-and-on for two weeks straight last fall, as the Giants came back from 0-2 against the Reds in the best-of-5 Division Series, and then from 1-3 against the Cardinals in the NLCS on the way to winning the World Series.

Lots of heart palpitations and jumping up and down with glee in the Bay Area, For two weeks!

The bottom line is that if you don't like surprises, sports isn't for you.

And if you love being surprised, sports is precisely for you.

Tell me about your favorite sports surprise in the comments section below.

One person will win - you guessed it - a surprise gift. (A surprize!)


Brandon Steiner
Brandon Steiner


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