Who Are You?

The Who have a song called Who Are You?

My son is going to graduate with honors from the engineering school of the University of Michigan in May and is interviewing for jobs. I often ask him that question.

When people look you up, what will they find? Who are you?

Actually, I often ask myself  that question.

Have you audited your online presence recently?

If people only had your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN profiles to go by, what would they see?

Who are you?

It’s stunning how one bad day or night, leading to one angry or upset tweet or post, can change how you appear to someone who doesn’t yet know you.

And what if that person is considering hiring you?

Your online presence is 99% of what the rest of the world has to go on when figuring out who you are.

Your online presence is like a barcode they're gonna scan. Certain information is gonna pop up, and that's you.

So who are you?



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