Acts of Kindness

November 25, 2013

Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago, I ran a contest on my Facebook page, asking people for their favorite acts of kindness. (Five people would win $100 for the charity of their choice.)

It goes without saying that there were dozens of great entries and I wanted to share with you some of the best. I have included the five winners here, but also seven more that I really liked.

Why not try one of these out this Thanksgiving week? I'm going to try to do a few myself.

Erim Medina-Corado:

As an oncology nurse, my favorite act of kindness is when volunteers come in with time to give. Oncology patients are usually in the hospital for long stays which become a lonely separation from the world... when volunteers come in just to bring magazines, talk and walk with these patients, it makes a difference not only in their day but in their recovery as well ♡  May everyone this holiday season be blessed with health, wealth and happiness and the common sense to appreciate it all!

Matt Stastny:

My wife was at a discount store when a total stranger approached her and handed her a $20 bill with a note saying "this is a random act of kindness" and to pass it on. Total surprise. Awesome. Of course we did the same thing the next day.

Staci Ann Blank:

Pick an elderly person up at a bus stop and offer them a ride.

Ben Smith:

Witness any person at odds with a problem, be it dropping something in the store/mall, having a difficult time, etc... and just be a fantastic person in the moment you see them. Find the quickest, simplest way to make that person smile. Example: If you see a single mom or dad being the light of their kids' lives at a diner, pay the bill. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Nancy Stefanik:

Spend Thanksgiving at the soup kitchen or homeless shelter serving Thanksgiving dinner. Then, go home to your own celebration, giving thanks for all you've been blessed with.


Matt Becher:

Donate to the Philippines...they just got hit with one of the worst storms in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Jodee Pivalo Mac Donald:

Adopt a family for the holiday through the Westchester Coalition for Hungry and Homeless. Or adopt a family from WRO. It can make a big difference.

Alex Abrante:

Give a random homeless person a decent meal, the more homeless people the better. The ones that are in the street are the ones that aren't considering the options of going to a local shelter or soup kitchen. It is those people that need the most help. A meal, regardless of what it is, will serve them well regardless of the environment that they eat it in.

Bill Parke:

I did this once before. While I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts, a soldier in front of me was waiting to pay for his breakfast; I told him that it was on me. I thanked him and told him how much I appreciate his service to this great country!

Melody Smith:

Inviting people who have no one to dinner. I invite an elderly woman I work with to all my holiday dinners, because she has no one. I also invite a disabled vet to my dinners. I feel it's my way of giving back. Love their company.

Amy Long:

Visit residents in a nursing home and read a story to them or just sit and chat. Many do not have families or have families who them visit often. It doesn't cost anything except your time. ; )

Sam Boland:

Simply paying it forward: paying for someone's meal at the drive through at McDonald's, paying for someone's coffee; you never know how a simple act of kindness could really touch someone's life. Everyone keeps emotions balled up inside; you never know how much of an effect something so simple, so easy, could have on a person's day.


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