Can't Do List

I always talk about your to-do list and your not-to-do list, and both are extremely important (especially in the first 90 seconds of your day).

I was thinking the other day that it’s time to add on a third list: your can’t do list.

Those are the things you have to do and you want to do, but you can’t do it. For some reason, you haven't asked for help.

Most people run away from the things on this list because nobody wants to admit that they can’t do something, but the reality is that sometimes you just need help to get something done. Not being able to do something and asking for help doesn't show weakness- it shows strength!

What are the things that have been sitting with you for a long time? Something you still haven’t fixed at home? Something your boss has been asking you to do? Trying to get in touch with a high level- potential new client that hasn’t been returning your calls?

How big is your can’t do list?  


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