Having the Right Mindset

While I’m a New York guy, I’ve always had a ton of admiration for New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. How can you not? The guy has won three Super Bowls (and played in five), is a two-time NFL MVP and a nine-time pro-bowler. He is the Patriots all-time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards, completions, pass attempts, and career wins.

Regardless of all the accolades, I respect Tom Brady most for the way in which he has earned his success. He demands perfection.

Tom Brady has the type of attitude that we all should have regardless of whether or not you’re a world-famous quarterback.

If you’re making an important call, demand perfection out of yourself. If your company has a big event taking place, demand perfection out of your team. Doing so will help lead you to a more productive and efficient life.

Here’s a video I recently watched about Tom Brady “unleashing the fury” on his teammates- a perfect example of his mindset and how he demands perfection.



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