Focusing on a Singular Outcome Will Lead You to Any Victory

 “If you do not go undefeated this year, you will have lost.”

That’s what Bob Knight told his 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers team before the pre-season the year they won the NCAA title, the last time a men’s D-1 team went undefeated.

If you love basketball and appreciate some good motivation and inspiration you should watch this:




(By the way, thanks to Bob Knight for speaking to the Steiner Sports staff and sharing this story.)

 “The General”. Intense. Stress. Task master…

Those are the things too many people think about when they hear “Bob Knight.” What I hear, and what I know from getting to become so close with the man over the years, is that bar-none he is the greatest motivator, teacher, manager and leader, maybe ever.

Now that Kentucky is on the brink of a perfect season, which would be the only one since IU’s magical year in 1976, it’s making me think. There is something to be said about setting your goals by focusing on a singular outcome. That was one of Coach Knight’s greatest assets.

The mentality of never being willing to waver, always having your eyes on the prize and not accepting anything less than maximum effort is ultimately what will spell success for anyone in any walk of life with anything they are trying to accomplish.

So, take a lesson from one of the greatest ever and don’t settle for anything less than getting exactly what you want!


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