How Did You Get Started?

It’s not the game, but the game plan.

People ask me all the time about how Steiner Sports got started. That’s interesting because they never ask me about the middle. They all want to know about the start and the finish, but never about the process.

A player hits a home run in his first game or his last at-bat and we celebrate. The reality is that there is a lot to celebrate in between.

The coolest part about starting a business isn’t that you started one, it’s that you built something. When there are a million ideas floating around, the ability to make an idea become a reality is a success to be celebrated. 

Too many people, especially kids coming out of school, feel as though if they can come up with that one big idea they will have success no matter what.

But, they don’t think about all the things that have to fall in place and how much effort is required on the road to success.  

Here’s one of the keys to success: find a problem, then come up with something that offers a solution to that problem. If you do that, you’re already ten steps ahead of the competition.

And what’s Step 11? Organizing and seeing things through. That will dictate whether you succeed or fail.

Ask anyone who has ever accomplished anything and they will tell you the best part of creating something is the process.


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