Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But Being Broke Can't Either

I came across a video from my friend Grant Cardone recently that I absolutely loved. If you’re in sales, keep reading and watch. If you’re not in sales, keep reading and watch because everyone is in sales.

The biggest takeaway here: nobody offers what he or she thinks something is worth. An example Grant uses: if a guy goes into a book store and buys a book for $30, he values that book more than the $30, or else he wouldn’t be willing to give it up!

“You can’t grow your business if you don’t sell and close."

When struggling businesses lower their prices, they’re still not going to sell their products. The key to success is closing the deal; make your potential customer “buy-in” to the value and benefit of having your product versus the money in the pocket. When you can do that, people won’t even think about price, within reason.





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