Two Things I Learned from Darryl Strawberry

With the success of the Mets this year, I've had a chance to reconnect with all the guys I got to know so well during their big run of hot teams in the 1980s. In a recent episode of The Hook-Up, I sat down with Darryl Strawberry to discuss his life: his career in baseball, his struggles and his ultimate turnaround with Strawberry Ministries.

I learned a lot from Darryl about how he changed his life from the homer-slugging kid I knew in the 1980’s to the minister he is now helping people change their lives.






1. Material “success” is just a phase of life

Too many of us look for stuff to fulfill our lives. Darryl had a pro baseball career with all the accolades- World Series titles; All-Star appearances-but his life was lacking and he hit roadblocks. He fell into drug problems, dealt with going to jail and even had to battle cancer. 

All of these experiences made him realize that understanding the difference you’re making in people’s lives is most important. Being selfless and giving of your time for the benefit of others is a heck of a lot more impactful than how far you can hit a baseball.

2. “You were made for greatness.”

Everyone in the world needs to have self-awareness and an understanding that they can have a positive influence in the world if they avoid distractions. Every life is worth living.



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