Your First Day on the Job

My last first day at a new company was over 30 years ago, so it’s easy for me to forget what a new employee is thinking when they report for day one. They’re nervous, excited, and maybe even a little worried. What will their new coworkers think of them? Will they be comfortable in the new environment? Will they be able to grow the way they want? On top of that, they are trying to say and do the right things to make a great first impression. 

As a new employee, you should definitely be ready and willing to learn. Demonstrating that you are coachable from day 1 is monumental. Whether you’re walking into your first job out of school or starting at a new company as upper management, you should not assume that you know the ins and outs of that company.

And, a first day can be humbling, but don’t be afraid to ask “stupid questions.” By that I mean the kinds of things that come natural to someone who’s been there for a while are not going to come naturally to you.

First days are all about first impressions… and that’s a two way street. Of course, it’s important that a newcomer makes a positive, professional impression right off the bat, but it is also equally important that the company makes a good impression on the new employee as well. Someone’s first day at a new job sets the tone for their whole tenure at a company, so it’s critical that the business has a solid game plan in place prior to the newcomer’s arrival that will make them not only feel welcome but also give them confidence, purpose, and direction right away. 

If an employee has the right attitude and is open and willing to learn, and the company provides them with structure and the proper training beginning on day one, the chances are good that the relationship will be mutually prosperous.


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