You Gotta Wanna Win

When I was in the boy scouts they had a contest. We had to get 10,000 soda can tabs in order to get all kinds of prizes. In my old troop...Troop 44...this went on for several months.

With about a week to go this one kid had 8,000 and I was a few thousand behind. I said to myself, "There is no way I'm coming in second place."

For the next week I was in every garbage can, phone booth, you name it. We got this cool axe as a prize and it was going to be mine.

How does this relate to you? I think that your drive and motivation to want to win can't ever waver. If you're in a competitive situation you are either a person that doesn't accept not winning or not. You can't be competitive sometimes.

Do you want to win at your job? Do you want to win at school? Will you do what it takes?...even if that means being out until 2am digging for soda can tabs!


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