8 Questions with Health Expert Harvey Diamond - Part 1

February 01, 2016

8 Questions with Health Expert Harvey Diamond - Part 1

Everyone’s goal is to go to heaven. Nobody wants to die.  

Everyone wants to lose weight. The problem is they want to go on a diet.

I grew up in a house in the 60s where we had every possible shake, diet pill…we bought Sweet’N Low by the case. My mother thought making a cake with it would work wonders for our diets. 

This time of year, when everybody’s trying to lose weight, set goals and be healthy, I decided to call up the guy that has probably sold more books on how to get healthy than anyone else. That’s Harvey Diamond.

I heard he wrote a book how not just to get healthy, but to reduce pain—if you’re over 50 you know what I mean. If you actually care about your health, or you’re in a little bit of pain and you want to get healthier, than you have to listen to this podcast.

And the book, I don’t suggest that you read it, you need to study this. It’s not about diet, but it’s about understanding how you’re body works. 

Here is Part 1 of 8 Questions with Harvey Diamond: 




·      Pain is the #1 health complaint in the United States.

·      89% of American adults experience pain on a regular basis at least once per month

·      92 million Americans experience pain every day

I can’t use my arms and hands, but I have zero paint and I don’t take any drugs. How many 70-year-olds do you know can say that? The information I put in this book is what I have lived!

Is it all about nutrition?

There’s no question whatsoever that the medical community does not take any study [regarding nutrition]. For someone who has made it his life’s work, [I have learned] the first thing at the drop of a hat is not to run to the doctor’s.

Many instances, more instances than not, when a person experiences discomfort or pain, it’s not something negative or bad that’s happening to the body…it is the body itself at work dealing with whatever is causing the pain and using its own resources.

It’s interesting because there is nothing that your body shouldn’t be able to do.

There is no way to fully impress upon you the impact and complexity of the human body.

If I read your book, you’re going to be able to outline the things that are going to give you success for the next 15 years?

Yes! A lot of people have read the book and put into practice exactly what I said…it is not difficult. Give the body what it needs and it will produce results.

Are most Americans done before they started?

The idea to wake up first thing in the morning after your body has built all of its energy for the day during your sleep and spend it on a meal is absolutely one of the most counter-productive things you can possibly do. 

Everything you do requires energy and everybody wants more energy.

Guess what takes more energy not only than anything else you can do with your body, but more energy than all activities of you body combined? Digestion!

Harvey Diamond is a Health & Wellness Advocate and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author who has been studying and teaching the principles of healthful living for over 40 years. He is credited as a pioneer in helping shift people toward healthier eating. He has helped millions of people worldwide to not only dramatically improve their health, but also to overcome serious, catastrophic disease, including cancer.

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