Ten Things You Want To Know

Here are some things I've learned over the years that you may wish to consider:

1: If you're going on a flight somewhere, you want to make sure you grab the first flight out. It's the least likely to be delayed.

2: Want to avoid jet lag? Easy. Drink one bottle of water per hour on your flight. You may have to use the restroom a bunch but you'll feel much better by the time you land at your destination. 

3: If you're getting your car washed, get there right when the place opens! The water and rags are more likely to be clean first thing in the morning. You'll get a better overall car wash, I assure you.

4: ALWAYS tip the parking lot attendant on the way in, not on the way out. You will find that you'll get your car much quicker when you return.

5: NEVER eat ballpark food before the end of the 2nd inning. It's all leftovers from the previous night's game.

6: NEVER go to a pizza place for early lunch. More leftovers.

7: NEVER eat any shellfish or sushi on Sundays. The fish were most likely bought on Thursday or Friday. It's not fresh.

8: NEVER get those big slushie/slurpee drinks. Avoid them at all costs. Seriously, those things are loaded with bacteria.

9: NEVER eat ice cream from an ice cream truck. God knows what's going on inside that truck.

10: NEVER eat a special when the same item is already on the menu. For example, if veal chops are on the menu, don't get the veal chop piccata on the specials. There's a reason why it is that way.

Honorable Mention: If you're on a plane, never stick your hands in the pocket in front of you. They're hardly ever cleaned, and are probably chock full of bacteria. Be careful with what you put in there, and wash your hands on the way out.

One more: Don't eat airport food in general. I haven't seen the best quality of food, and I'm not sold on it. Bring your own food.


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