We've ALL Won The Lottery & Don't Even Know It

The odds of being born are 400 trillion to one. Think about that.

You're a winner from the start!

You may not realize it, but you were fighting and scrapping just to be born!

You're going to lose all the time in your life. But if you win more than you lose, you're still a winner! If you play 100 games, winning 51 and losing 49, you're a winner!

It's easy to be down on yourself when you make a mistake. It's harder to give yourself credit. We don't do it enough, but most of us are more of a winner than a loser.

People don't notice your mistakes nearly as much as you may think.

If you want to change your ways, you might want to change your habits.

Start by calling yourself a winner.


  • How do you define “winner”? If you run a marathon and finish in the middle third are you not a winner? I don’t believe in “participation trophies” for every kid, but there are intrinsic rewards for engaging in sports and games.

    Mike Saunders on

  • All 100% true that statement should be giving to all students of all ages !!!!!

    Mike Napolitano on

  • You are a winner – thank you for what you do! #DaveStevensSpeaks I’ve been a winner since I was an underdog!

    Dave L. Stevens on

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