What Else?

You know that “what else” has been engrained into my everyday life since I was 10-years-old. As my career has progressed in business, one of the key things that I have carried with me throughout everyday is thinking about what else I can do to make someone completely happy (because customer service is the key to any business).

So, this is why I ask you to ask yourself, “What else?”


  • What else can I do to turn the situation around?
  • What else can I do to make you return?
  • What else can I do to make you a customer for life?

Are you thinking about your customer everyday?

Are you calling them on the phone, not to sell them anything, but just to see how they’re doing?

Are you finding them the best John Deere tractor you can get a hold of in a day’s notice even though you sell sports memorabilia? …side note: Been there, done that…

Think about all the things you to everyday to try to make a sale. If any of those things don’t help your customer, you should probably consider stopping!

Song of the Day: "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac

Movie Quote of the Day: "Hard work may not always result in success. But it will never result in regret" (Moneyball)


  • Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. You usually hear it when you buy a used car or frequent a garage sale. But it fits perfectly for the Steiner auctions as well! It’s ironic that the above article titled “What Else?” brags about how service is the key to any business & claims that Steiner tries to turn the situation around, will make me want to return & become a customer for life; what a bunch of bull!!! After agreeing with me that the description of one of the lots in their recent Spring Auction was misleading & not representative of what was actually being offered, their representative, Aaron Rothschild, still refused to refund my money & claimed that he would refuse to accept a return package from me. So now, in an effort to try to appease me, he has offered to send me a $50 gift card; including the fees & tax, the lot cost me $197.50! I think his offer is a joke & would probably dissuade me from ever doing business with them again! What would you do?

    Raymond S on

  • I just e-mailed you the following letter with the hope that you would, in your words, see “what else you can do to make me completely happy”:
    Dear Mr. Steiner,
    My name is RS. I have been an admirer and customer of yours for more years than I can remember, I have participated in dozens of your auctions without any problems and have spent in excess of $10,000 on your products. This letter is not being written to hire you as a speaker but is being written to seek your assistance in a problem that I am having with a purchase from your Spring Fever Auction 2018. Your staff, Aaron Rothschild in particular, has little desire to assist me, lies to me whenever I call him and refuses to even call me back. My problem is with lot #964 from the above auction; the description reads "1990 Starting Line Up Baseball Collection of 43. The problem is that 21 of those figures are identical Bo Jackson figures; with all the duplicates, there are in fact only 11 different players! In a conversation two days ago, Mr. Rothschild even agreed with me that the description was misleading and there should be no problem in issuing a refund and returning the merchandise; he promised he would call me back that afternoon after he spoke to his manager. So, 24 hours later, when I hadn’t heard back from him, I called again and he said he hadn’t spoken to his manager yet but he would call me back that afternoon. So, 24 hours later, I called him again today and he said he would speak to his manager, again? When he returned to the phone, he told me that there would be no refund or return because I had received 43 figures and the description of the lot did not specifically state that there were 43 different figures. Honestly, as a collector, why would anyone want 21 of the same figure…unless it was a valuable piece signed by Mantle or Ruth or Jeter or someone of that stature, which is not the case here. I believe that your success has come, in part, by caring for your customers and standing behind what you sell. I need your help in dealing with this matter; the bid plus the buyer’s premium, shipping and sales tax came to almost $200…and that was only about 50% of invoice #02520214. I’m hoping that you agree with me, and Aaron originally, that the lot in question was mis-represented and you can help me get my money back and return the items that I can’t even give to my kids and granddaughter; nobody want multiples of the same figure. I recently retired so my collectibles budget is not as large as it was, but I guarantee that I will reinvest that money in another Steiner item in the near future. Thank you for your assistance; I await your response.

    Raymond S on

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