Your Body Keeps the Score and it Always Wins

Your body keeps the score and it always wins 

Here's the question: when it comes to the game of health, are you winning?

Are you doing everything you can to be healthy? 

Sleep. Eat well. Exercise. 

Have you worked yoga, pilates and stretching into your diet?

I am not talking just about your eating, but really what's eating you, too. Stress is not only fattening, but one of the top causes of death. (If you're a worrier, you have to read How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie).

Anyway, summer is over. It's time to get realistic about being healthy. 

It's not just about joining a gym, but having a real plan to make sure you have the time, mindset and diet to get to a healthy place in your life.

What's your plan? Comment below.


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