Attendee Testimonials

Hi Brandon,

I just wanted to personally thank you for your talk today! I took so much away from it! You really inspired me!! I've just been sitting here on the couch with my husband and daughter telling them all of your amazing stories! I feel like we have quite a lot in common.. I also had a paper route when I was really young, no money, always trying to figure out ways to make money I could tell you a million stories as could I'm sure so many people.. anyway I have such great memories from growing up that way! I wouldn't change a thing! Anyway I could go on and on! I just really appreciated what you brought today! Today was my very first Genshai experience and I just made it there by chance (so thankful I did) anyway I'm rambling... So thanks again! Really!

P.S. I will be buying that book that you quoted from.. I love the title!


- Jamie Albrecht