Steiner Sports and Partner to Increase Distribution and Exposure

by Jill Malandrino


Online auction sites have made their mark in the memorabilia world, but is there really an impact to the iconic sports memorabilia powerhouse? Brandon Steiner, Founder of Steiner Sports meets with TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino at the 'In Their Own Words' launch in New York City. Steiner says being in the same sentence as is a blessing and the partnership has been amazing and complimentary. Amazon has embraced the Steiner product line and that does not always happen with sites of that scale. Steiner is not really concerned with other auction sites as much, but he is concerned with companies doing the wrong thing but selling real or authentic memorabilia. There is more growth in the sports memorabilia industry and Steiner says he is driven by these athletes to keep their stories alive. There are over 100 players signed up for the story pages 'In Their Own Words' and partnering with Amazon gives Steiner the distribution on a much larger scale.

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