Holiday Gift List

December 05, 2013

Holiday Gift List

As the days until Christmas tick down, the amount of stress people feel about getting through their holiday gift list often goes up.

But it doesn't have to be that way. At Steiner Sports, we have a lot of great, unique gifts for the sports fans in your life. This lineup probably won't take care of everyone on your list, but you should be able to cross off at least a few names with confidence, freeing up time for the others.

Here are my ten favorite collectibles for this holiday season:

10. For the Old School fan in your life:


9.  For the fan who loved bell-bottoms, disco, or just the 70s in general:


8. For the scrappy leader in your life, who's possibly a little bossy but everyone loves them to pieces anyway:


7. For the Old School purist Yankee fan:




6. For the construction-loving, architecturally-minded fan:



5. For the Big Apple, mass transit-obsessed fan:





4. For the fan who appreciates the very finest things and people:




3. For the fan who appreciates the very finest things and people - but is more pigskin-minded:




2. For the cold weather-living, hockey-obsessed fan:




1. For the salt-of-the-earth, geographically-appreciative fan:



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