It's Never Just One Person

We tend to think of "Six Degrees of Separation" as a game or a play (or movie).

Or, at most, a theoretical concept.

But it's much more of a reality in our day-to-day lives than we usually give it credence for. And there are fewer degrees of separation in play.

Specifically: When you have a beef with someone at work, it's not just with that one person.

It's with the person who knows that person, and the people who know those people, and on and on.

You think that you're blowing off one person, but you're deluding yourself to think it starts and ends there.

Like setting a match to a single pine needle in the forest, having a small problem with someone can potentially start a forest fire of issues with a whole gang.

I always say it's best to quash any beefs as soon as possible, and to treat everyone well while expecting nothing in return.

But if you can't do those things for their own sake, do them for your own.

Because it's never just one person that you're up against.

Before you know it, it's an entire army.


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