This is the Secret to Productivity

Since Black Friday marks the busiest time of the year for so many business, including Steiner Sports, I figured there was no better time to tell you the secret to productivity.

Are you ready?

When it comes to being productive, here are the two things you need:

Never be hungry.

Never be tired.

Got it? Are you sure? I’m not so confident…

I’m not talking about your mental makeup. I mean quite literally that you should not be hungry. Eat right and get your sleep. When you’re hungry you get agitated and stressed. The frontal lobe, the area of our brain that controls planning, reason judgement and impulse; our willpower, also controls stress. When you’re stressed, you lose your choke-hold on discipline. When that happens, you start doing stuff you don’t want to be doing.

I take these two things very seriously. At Steiner Sports, for example, I make sure my staff is well-fed. Healthy snacks in the break room, catered lunches, etc.

How about you TURN-OFF that TV at 11 o’clock at night? Go to sleep! Regardless of the amount of hours you sleep, on average your best quality of sleep is obtained between 10:30pm-2:30am.

Eat right and get your proper rest so you’re ready to win the day tomorrow.


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